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Expert Guidance

When you opt for our group training sessions, you gain access to our team of experienced and skilled trainers who specialize in canine behavior. Our trainers possess a deep understanding of dog psychology and are equipped to address a variety of behavioral issues. With their expertise, our trainers not only guide your pup but also provide you with invaluable insights into training techniques that can be easily replicated at home.

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Socialization Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of group training is the exposure it offers to various stimulating environments and social situations. By training alongside other dogs and handlers, your pup acquires crucial social skills to navigate real-life scenarios with confidence. They learn how to interact appropriately with different breeds, personalities, and energy levels, thus fostering good behavior and reducing the chances of anxiety or aggression.

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Distraction Management

Training your furry friend in a controlled environment is essential for teaching them how to stay focused amidst distractions. The presence of other dogs and people during group training serves as a valuable tool for practicing commands and obedience skills. Over time, your dog will gain the ability to respond to your commands, regardless of the surrounding distractions, helping them become a well-behaved companion in various environments.

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A Boost In Learning and Confidence

Group training sessions are designed to facilitate active learning through observation and participation. As your furry companion observes and imitates other dogs in the group, they pick up new commands and behaviors quickly. Additionally, regular positive reinforcement from both trainers and fellow dog owners helps boost your pet's confidence, making them more eager and responsive during training sessions.

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Fun and Engaging Environment

Training your dog doesn't have to be a tedious chore. Group training sessions are designed to be fun, stimulating, and engaging for both you and your pet. The friendly competition among dogs encourages them to perform to the best of their abilities, making the training experience enjoyable for everyone involved. In turn, making training a rewarding and exciting experience strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

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Tips and Requirements

Remain in your vehicle until the trainer arrives.

We will be limited to no more than 10 dogs and will practice social distancing.

  • 1 sign up per dog
  • Masks optional
  • Only sign up for 1 lesson a week
  • When you sign up, please ensure you are able to attend, as each class has a limited number of training spaces. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible!
  • In the case of inclement weather conditions, please check your email for class cancellation updates

Group Lessons are for clients that have completed a training program. 24 Hour advance notice is required, please comment on this post to RSVP. There are no bathroom facilities on site, so please plan accordingly. Stay tuned to this post in case of cancellations due to weather conditions.

Bring all necessary equipment. Remote collar, leash, reward, and if your dog has, or had, any aggressive issues, they need a muzzle for the group class. If you have any questions about that, please contact your trainer before attending.

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Choosing Ultimate K9 Dog Training's group training services ensures that your beloved pet receives effective training in a supportive and enriching environment. By pairing expert guidance, socialization opportunities, distraction management techniques, enhanced learning, and a fun atmosphere, we believe in delivering the best possible experience for both you and your furry companion. Join us at our next group session or reach out with any questions you may have.

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