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If you read our last entry in the “Puppy Playbook,” you already learned how important crate training is for your dog. Not only can crate training make it easier to take your dog on errands or to the vet, but it can also develop good behavioral habits in your dog when done correctly. Today, the professional dog trainers at Ultimate K9 are going to continue the discussion about crate training, this time with several tips to help you purchase the right crate for your dog!

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Crate training has so many benefits but must be started early on so the dog will see it as a way of life, not just when being left alone. For some dog owners, there can be a thought process that a crate is bad and not beneficial for their dog. However, that is not always the case. If you look at it this way, consider that your home is your crate and your bedroom is a smaller crate inside of your home. This is how the crate training thought process and just the crate in general can look like to your dog, their crate is their bedroom. At Ultimate K9 MD our team of highly skilled and professional dog trainers can help you train your dogs and teach them the right behavioral skills that you're looking for. Keep reading to learn more about crating your dogs and contact us today to schedule a training session!


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