The Puppy Playbook: Which Crate Should You Buy?

The Puppy Playbook: Which Crate Should You Buy?

If you read our last entry in the “Puppy Playbook,” you already learned how important crate training is for your dog. Not only can crate training make it easier to take your dog on errands or to the vet, but it can also develop good behavioral habits in your dog when done correctly. Today, the professional dog trainers at Ultimate K9®are going to continue the discussion about crate training, this time with several tips to help you purchase the right crate for your dog!

little puppy in their kennel

Which Type of Crate/Kennel Should You Get?

The crate you get should be big enough for your puppy or dog to turn around in and lay down inside. If it is too big, your puppy will just go potty on one side and get away from it on the other side. There are wire crates/kennels that are adjustable as your puppy grows and these are fine for some dogs that are not very strong or prone to aggressively trying to break out. These kennels do fold up for easy transportation, which can be a nice bonus for dog owners that prioritize convenience. There is also a wide variety of plastic and metal kennels that range from very cheap to very expensive, but be careful — like everything, you get what you pay for.

Pug inside of a crate

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Dog Crate

When choosing a crate or kennel for your dog, consider getting a cheaper one when they’re still a puppy. As they grow, you can get the nicer kennel that fits the size they will be for the rest of their life. You can always sell the smaller kennel on FB Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist, or donate it to the shelter much like a Pack N’ Play for a child.

As far as crate recommendations go, our skilled dog trainers argue that it all comes down to the type of dog you have and its attitude. You want to look for kennels that are strong, lacking edges or parts/pieces to chew on, and able to contain accidents or messes if the dog gets sick. You also want to make sure that the crate can handle an impact and lots of cleaning, so it won’t corrode or break down over time.

Other small things to consider when purchasing a crate/kennel for your dog include:

  • Does it have storage or the capability for storage?

  • Does it have the capability to go on an airplane if need be?

  • Does the door lock?

  • Can it be securely tied or anchored down in a vehicle?

  • Is it easy to clean or does it have drain holes to clean?

By following these tips, you can make a smart purchase that you and your dog will both benefit from.

Crate Training From Ultimate K9®

If you take the time to crate/kennel train your dog correctly, the dog won’t mind the enclosure at all! In fact, they will actually like it, as it will feel like a safe place they can take comfort in. If you’re unsure how to start crate training your dog, or if you’ve already tried it to no avail, contact the team at Ultimate K9® today! We offer professional dog training programs in Maryland, so we can help you and your dog find a solution that works!