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About Us

Ultimate K9® Training, LLC is a dog training company based in La Plata, MD. Our professional dog training team offers a combined 45+ years of experience in training dogs and their owners. We believe in making good dogs great, helping challenging dogs become better, and teaching owners how to properly communicate with their dogs. If you are in need of a professional dog trainer and live in Maryland, Virginia or DC, reach out to our team today!

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Our team of certified dog trainers specialize in dog obedience training with a strong, customer-service orientation — training not only the dog, but giving owners the tools and knowledge they need for long term success dealing with their dogs’ challenges.

From general obedience and advanced training, to very specific specialty training, our team can do it all! Some popular dog challenges we train are problem solving, impulse control, aggression issues, therapy training, and other specialty training based on each individual dog's needs.

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We believe in the value of dog training and behavioral consulting as a powerful way of transforming your dog's behavior. First and foremost, it’s about understanding why the dog acts how he or she does — whether that be their instincts or some other triggers, and then redirecting that energy towards something more acceptable to you.

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Training Expertise

With more than 45+ years in professional dog training, our staff has dealt with practically every possible training situation a dog can be in. Whatever your requirements, Ultimate K9® Training has a dog trainer with past experience addressing your needs.

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Multi-Breed Knowledge

Big dogs, small dogs, miniature dogs, bulldogs, poodles, hunting dogs, herding dogs… whatever breed or orientation your dog has, we are happy to provide you with professional guidance and direction towards a more peaceful, gentle and obedient dog. Contact us today to get started!

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