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Thanks to more than four decades of training experience, we know that dogs and humans are all different, and no pairing is alike. We’re excited to help you and your dog foster a closer connection and live better. From eliminating trouble behaviors to athletic and competitive training, every possibility is open to you with our professional training solutions.

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Day Immersion Training

You’d be amazed at the difference one day of training can make! In this training, we’ll take care of your dog for the day and use that time to address specific behaviors and reinforce good training. You can go about your day, and at the end, we’ll spend an hour with you, showing you what your dog has learned and helping you facilitate greater growth. These classes come in packs.

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Stay & Train

Give your dog a great place to stay while you go on vacation! Ultimate K9® Training offers Stay & Train sessions in one, two, and three week sessions. During this time, your dog will get outstanding training and will definitely be refined when you return! We’ll take some time to transfer the skills to you so your dog’s hard work benefits you both when you go home.

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Private Lessons

If you want to be involved in your dog’s training, this is the option for you! We offer one-on-one lessons with you and your dog. In these sessions, you’ll have a chance to learn along with your dog and understand how the two of you can cooperate to make life as great as possible.

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Advanced & Specialty Classes

Once your dog has completed one of our obedience courses, they can move to our advanced classes! We offer everything from off-leash training to scent detection. Explore exciting horizons with your furry friend!

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Is Group Training Right For Your Dog?

Group training is a fantastic way for you and your dog to practice new skills in a social environment! Under the caring eye of our professional trainers, you and your best friend will have a chance to reinforce important training in the presence of other people and their dogs. You can attend one session a week, so don’t hesitate to learn more today!

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Ultimate K9® Training is committed to partnering with dogs and their owners in La Plata. Our professional training services are the solution you’ve been looking for! Learn more when you contact us today.

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Dog Training in La Plata, Maryland