Dog Training in Accokeek, Maryland

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Dog Training in Accokeek, MD

Welcome to Ultimate K9® Training

Offering more than 45 years of canine training experience, our team is excited to work with you and your dog to help you enjoy life together! We train dogs and people, empowering them to communicate and get along. Whether your adult dog needs behavior help or you’re hoping to get your puppy off to a great start, we are the professional canine training solution you’ve been searching for in Accokee, MD.

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Which Class Does Your Dog Need?

Day Immersion Training

In this class, we’ll pick up your dog in the morning and spend the day with them, training and encouraging them. At the end of the day, we’ll bring your dog back and give you a one-hour training on what your dog has learned. This important transfer of knowledge will help you build a better life with your dog.

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Stay & Train

Choose among one, two, or three weeks when it comes to our Stay & Train program. We’ll evaluate your pet to determine what length of training is best. Many owners time these training camps with their vacations so their dogs can get advanced support. Once you come back, we’ll train you to reinforce your dog’s improved behaviors.

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Private Lessons

These one-on-one sessions happen where it works best for you. We can come to your home, meet you at a park, or host the session at our facility. We’ll provide in-depth training between you and your dog to help you become a team. This program involves multiple sessions and are perfect for any owner who wants to be involved with their dog’s learning.

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Advanced & Specialty Classes

From off-leash training to scent detection, our advanced training is perfect for dogs who have mastered our obedience classes. This is an exciting opportunity to give your dog a chance to live a richer life!

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Have You Considered Group Training?

Once you and your dog have completed a training program, you can attend one group training class a week! This is an amazing opportunity for you and your furry buddy to practice what you have learned in a social setting. Bring all of your equipment and get ready to have fun! Learn more today!

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Ultimate K9® Training raises the bar when it comes to canine training. We approach dogs and their owners with friendliness and skill, empowering everyone to live happier, more peaceful lives. Learn more when you contact us!

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Dog Training in Accokeek, Maryland