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As one of the most popular pets in the country, our dogs have become our "fur babies." We love them like our children and do our best to give them a wonderful life. Dog training should be included as part of that wonderful life so that they can interact well with other humans and dogs, too. Learn about our dog training program in Lexington Park, Maryland, and contact Ultimate K9® today.

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Group Dog Training

Our professional dog training in Lexington Park, Maryland, offers group dog training classes. This is a great way for your dog to get the skills they need plus get to be around other dogs, too. Our group dog training courses are held outside, so be prepared for the weather.

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Day Immersion Training

Our Day Immersion Dog Training course is very popular with our customers. Here, your dog will be picked up for the day. We'll work them all day long and drop them off in the evening. Then, we'll go over with you in a one-hour-long class everything that your dog learned, so you can continue from there.

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Stay and Train Dog Training

If you are looking for an even more intense dog training program in Lexington Park, Maryland, consider our Stay and Train Dog Training program. Here, your beloved dog will stay with us for one, two, or three weeks where we'll break bad habits and begin to ingrain new ones.

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Private Dog Training

Private dog training courses held in Lexington Park, Maryland, are a great way for your dog to get individual attention based on what they need. You will also see accelerated dog training results, too.


Choose our professionals for dog training in Lexington Park, Maryland to have the best-mannered dog possible. Contact us today!

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